Monday, March 19, 2007

Jesus Hopping Christ on the Bunny Trail; It's Easter!


Jay and Silent Bob—The Easter Bunny Did This!—Mallrats
Alleee Open
Horst Muys - Müllemer Bötche.mp3
Easter 1
Andre Williams & His Orchestra--Sweet Little Pussycat--Las Vegas Grind Part Two
Jocelyne--Elle me l'a vole
Easter 2
Billy Smith—Tom Black Stomp—Incredible Hammond Organ
Chan Pao Chu—Fascinating Hong Kong—Miraculous Thief
Easter 3
Songs to Wear Pants To—We Photocopy Our Body Parts
Eduardo Davidson—Le Chien—El Perro
Easter 4
Mike Hankinson—Eine Kleine Nachtmusik—The Unusual Classical Synthesizer
John Strand—Remembering Laci
Easter 5
Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Fóstbræður—Swing Low
Easter 6
Sally Shapiro—I Know
Glenn and Brenda Derringer—It's the Talk of the Town—My Sister and I
Easter 7
Alison Randall—The Book of Peter—A Christian Easter
NPR—The Saint Patrick's Parade
Easter 8
Bert Kaempfert—A Swingin' Safari
Veggie Tales—The New and Improved Bunny Song
Easter 9
Ferrante & Teicher—Ski Fever
Easter 10
Alleee End

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breakerslion said...

Thanks... and for your enjoyment...

Happy Easter, Wester, Uncle Fester!

PLUNKER said...

Excellent production, except for the 6 second dropout from :47 to :53.