Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Is This a New One, Oh Thou who Hearest Many Arguments?

Consider this blog:

Church and State 101

Here's an excerpt from "How I Know That Atheists Don't Exist" (and no, that's not the "new" thing that I mean:

Consider this: Atheism rests upon the denial of what pundits have dubbed "teleology," the very obvious notion that "design demands a designer," or that patterns imply intelligence. Denying this, of course, amounts to mere propaganda. Go into any Atheist chat room and type the words, "design demands a designer." Immediately, they will spring into action with all manner of philosophical acrobatics to show you wrong. Many will -- quite predictably -- begin quoting one "David Hume." This is when it gets downright funny.

Can someone tear him a new one? I'm tired and hot today. How exactly does Atheism "rest" on the teleological argument? Or is this again another theist who simply re-defines atheism as a straw man strategy?

PS: He has no comments yet. Is he worth a moment of your time? Of my time? Of his momma's time?


Skull_Duggery said...

Nice pic, sorta reminds me of a perverted Mr. Rogers....oh wait, am I being redundant?

Hellbound Alleee said...

Well, yeah, if you agree with Fred Phelps. Westborough also says he is responsible for making millions of boys gay, on purpose, and that he was in league with The Devil.

But we know that Mr. Rogers ruled. He was the real deal.

breakerslion said...

I answered this one:

Saturday, June 11, 2005
The Law Of God Or the Laws Of Men?

I'd go back for more, but I think I'd rather be a crossing guard for lemmings.

Anonymous said...

On occasion, Adam's sin has been referred to as a Felix Culpa. The argument runs that, if it were not for Adam's fall, there would have been no incarnation.

I tend to think that the Judaic rejection of Jesus as Messiah is the occasion of my own Felix Culpa. Jesus compared heaven to a wedding feast where the invited guests declined to come. As a result, passersby were invited to the feast. The implication is that, if the intended guests had attended, the invitation to all and sundry would not have been extended.

If the Judaic community had accepted Jesus as the fulfillment of the Covenant, where would I be?

That is why I think that you Jews and you Atheist "intellectuals" may have done me a blessing in disguise. Your failure to accept the Lordship of Christ and of His Holy Indivisible Church in Rome leaves more room for me and my family in Heaven.

Aaron Kinney said...

Anonymous, you have underscored the inhumane and immoral nature of your imaginary God.

You admit that your God's judgement criteria for good and evil is nothing other than the degree to which his creations stroke his own insecure ego. This is a severely degrading form of slavery subjected onto his creations.

Whew! Its a good thing that God doesnt exist. Otherwise we would really be fucked.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, your so-called arguments only demonstrate the captivity your mind has succumbed to in a secular humanist world gone mad. A world in which swearing, blasphemy, pornography, abortion, and heresy are not only legal, but commonplace. Do you really want to live in a world like that? Everyone knows in their hearts that only the teachings of the Catholic Church are in accordance with God's divine and magnificient Truth. It's not an easy path, but we are compelled to follow it if we want to secure the dignity and chastity that is our birth-right. Your vile assault on our Creator and your sexual confusion degrade not only you, but also me -- not to mention our Divine Shepherd, Jesus the Christ, and His Holy Blessed Virgin Mother, Mary, Queen of Grace.

I will not tolerate this abuse of the Truth, and I will die to defend my Faith if need be. I am not ashamed to be called a Catholic -- a follower of the path of the Vicar of Christ on Earth.

Why are you so ashamed when I point out your true nature? Every Jew, Atheist, Hindu, or Muslim has something to hide, I'm afraid.


Hellbound Alleee said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hellbound Alleee said...

Whoops: Jesus took away my post!

Maureen, your post does not deserve a reply. You are clearly insane. Seek help.

You might enjoy, then, our next program, "Eternal Life for all," when we interview Alex Chiu, the inventor of the "Eternal Life rings." You may find you're on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Hellbound (!) Alleee,

I'm afraid that eternal life cannot be bought so cheaply as in the use of a simple ring. It requires steadfast obedience to the Bishop of Rome; fulfillment of the Holy Sacraments; weekly imbibing of the Flesh and Blood of Christ; sexual purity; religous clarity; prayerful encounters with the Rosary; and a spirit of charity. I'm afraid that as it stands now, you fail in all of these particulars. I won't put my precious catechism out here into this mire of black Judaic confusion, but all scholarly and respectful questions regarding the fulfillment of the Word of God in the Body of Christ and in the Body of His Bride, the Holy Catholic Church, can be directed to me at:

Please do not send blasphemous filthy heresies my way; I have a covenant with Christ to uphold my chastity, in all matters both spiritual and carnal.

In the expectation that you shall turn to Christ,

Hellbound Alleee said...

Speaking of heresies: (The Holy Ghost is a mother-fucker!)

Go play with this, Vampira!

Hellbound Alleee said...

BTW, I can't believe you picked up on the fact that my name is "Hellbound!" You're a quick one, Vampira!

breakerslion said...

Oh my, my, Alleee and Aaron! Someone has done an especially good job of programming this fem-bot. I figure the odds of breaking that programming are almost as nil as the odds that you need any help, but I can’t resist.

“your so-called arguments only demonstrate the captivity your mind has succumbed to in a secular humanist world gone mad.”

Yes, Maureen, “so called” arguments. One could call them blafersnugs I suppose, but then no one else would know what it meant. And yes, we are all mad, MAD I tells ya! This is nothing more than the stock in trade of your church; fear. We would all melt down in some giant “Lord of the Flies” syndrome if it weren’t for Mother Church to show us the way. Yup. Sure. Never mind that we have secular government, and intelligent discourse, and law enforcement that are more effective in modern society than anything the church has developed in centuries. Feel free to contribute, but thankfully, the church will not control here. That’s how things like the Taliban happen. Would that make you happy? Do you think the Catholic Church would be any less domineering if it were in charge? I for one have had enough oppression with the status quo.

“A world in which swearing, blasphemy, pornography, abortion, and heresy are not only legal, but commonplace.”

Thus has it ever been. We already have that world, Maureen, and it has always been here and has always gone hand in hand with repression. The porn industry, for example, owes a great debt to your church for making its product “forbidden fruit”. In countries where people have not been told to be ashamed of their bodies, this stuff holds far less allure.

“Everyone knows in their hearts that only the teachings of the Catholic Church are in accordance with God's divine and magnificient Truth.”

Sure. That’s why everyone is a Catholic, right? The church did not have to exhort its members to breed like rabbits to increase its numbers, because “everyone” is a Catholic, deep down, and just needs to be reminded. Wrong!

“we are compelled to follow it if we want to secure the dignity and chastity that is our birth-right. Your vile assault on our Creator and your sexual confusion degrade not only you, but also me”

Oh, Maureen, has somebody done a number on you! Chastity is not your birthright, normal, unperverted, unspoiled human sexuality is. The church has made you self-conscious and ashamed so that your normal sex drive can be sublimated into weird ritualistic religious ecstasy. You are the one that has been sexually confused. It is all part of a process that dates back to before there were even tribes of Israel. Back to when the first shamans were wresting power from the alpha males. All modern religions are just embellishments and refinements of the process of turning you into a follower. They replace your self-esteem with the need for validation from the leaders of the group. They replace your ability to question and judge for yourself with fear of rejection. If you truly have dignity, and are your own person, how can anything I do possibly degrade you?

Of the alleged virgin Mary, I will not comment. You are not ready to hear what I would say, and probably never will be.

“I will not tolerate this abuse of the Truth”

I note the capital “T”. In my experience, if someone tries to prejudice your judgment by telling you that they are telling the truth, they are lying. I am reasonably sure that you have been lied to, often and repeatedly.

“Why are you so ashamed when I point out your true nature? Every Jew, Atheist, Hindu, or Muslim has something to hide, I'm afraid.”

I for one, am not ashamed. The church tried to make me ashamed, and I recognized it for the self-serving unethical ploy that it was, and stopped listening. Every Christian has something to hide too, the fact that, deep down, they have a tiny doubt that makes them afraid, that they believe because they are afraid not to. The most accurate and real thing that you have said in this tirade are the last two words you have written. You need not live your life fearing those that are different from you. We don’t want to hurt you.

Rev. Barky said...

You know what would be worse than being rational and having to put up with all this Xian shit logic - thinking that it's all the true! Imagine being trapped in this mental hell - and all the world around you is a big threat with evil lurking around every corner. Aren't you glad you don't have that monkey on your back?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of monkeys, "Reverend," how do you manage to live with the gnawing fears induced by your religion, Darwinism?

Consider merely the theory of evolution. This is a theory that, from our earliest days in primary school, we are taught as scientific "fact." Today, children probably learn it on the Discovery channel long before entering school. It colors much of our more relevant thinking. In itself, however, it remains data. Most of us don’t give it a second thought. Yet the implications of the theory are profound.

Suddenly… All of creation is an accident. It no longer even qualifies as "creation." Instead, it is flotsam and jetsam. All change is merely mistake and there can be no such thing as progress. Even those that would argue that mankind is a plague or an ecological cancer have no footing on which to base their claims. There can be no good or bad, better or worse. All that exists is garbage.

Suddenly, Man is neither made by God nor in the image of God. He is an uncomfortable animal prone to self-delusion. Yet those who would make this claim have no basis for their claim. They are mere garbage and their utterances are as foolishly insignificant as those of their intellectual opponents. Regardless of the point of view proposed, what value can be placed on the mere firing of neurons?

The orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church are the only source for a meaningful understanding of the human soul and its relation with God. Look at the fruits of the other beliefs. Atheism led to the death of millions of innocent people, under the evangelical atheist leadership of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. Islam, that religion of "peace," has led only to a world of suicide bombers and acid throwing fanatics. Judaism--i.e., the cult of those who rejected Christ--has led only to centuries of usury, conspiracy, and sexual immorality, of the kind we see in Hollywood today.

Christendom, on the other hand, is the fountain of all beautiful art, sacred music, and true science in the world. And yet, Christians are the most persecuted people in the world today, unable even to practice their faith openly in America today. Blasphemy reigns supreme, and heresies are the common currency of the land.

"BTW" (as you like to put it), let me fill you in on a little secret, Miss Hellbound. Jesus does not look kindly on blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. What kind of education did you have, anyway? You are now in mortal peril for your soul. Don't say I didn't warn you! It's not easy to get out of this one. I'd suggest a trip to the Vatican poste-haste -- but it might be too late for you. Our Lord has said that no one will be forgiven a blasphemous utterance against the Holy Spirit, nor in this life, nor in the next.


breakerslion said...

Hi again, Maureen. I love it. Don't engage, don't respond, just keep reiterating the same misinformation that your authority figures have poured into your brain. Don't even examine that rhetoric for the gaping hypocricies it contains. I don't want to raise Alleee's rightious ire by turning her blog into a chat room, so I will try to address some of your points as a broader discussion on my own blog. Let me just say here that you, among others, are living proof that the Catholic church is a cult. Perhaps when you have emptied yourself of all the programming, and played the last recording in the juke box, you will be willing to listen to someone who has not patterned themselves upon you as an authority figure.

breakerslion said...

PS: By strict definition, and by virtue of the dogmatic theory of "Three in One", the (alleged) Holy Ghost is a motherfucker in the conception myth.

Anonymous said...

You can call the Holy Church a "cult" if you like, but there is freedom in this unity of being. There are the virtues of fidelity and charity. There is the development of a personhood that is open to the possibility of radical love. There is a pre-conditioning in the activity of love and an expectation of social security.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Guys, Maureen is insane. There is no need to give her ideas the respect that arguing with her is doing. Her ideas do not belong alongside ours. They are cartoons. She believes in demons and talking snakes for real, as far as I can tell.

Remember that movie, "Edward Scissorhands?" She's the weird christian lady that made dour prophesies and snake noises and cursed everyone. Maureen is a crazy lady, and she is adding nothing but colour to my blog. There is nothing one can say that will add any argument to her psychedelic freakouts. She is doing fine on her own. I actually wrote a little blog about her on my "secondary" blog at My Space.

The subject? "Is This Worth It?"
The answer: no. Only for entertainment's sake. Maureen, you see, is a performing monkey.

Yes, Maureen, your uncle is a monkey, because my religion is evolution, and since I must follow its dogma, that means we are all monkeys! Hooray for monkeys, Maureen! Maureen, however, is nothing but a Baboon, while we are noble, peaceful gorillas.

I'm a noble, peaceful gorilla saying "fuck you, holy spirit! You knocked up a twelve-year old girl with your Casper-Cum! Shame on you, child molester! SHAME!"

But then, Maureen:

The Catholic church would know a little something about molesting children, wouldn't it? Eh?

I take my host crackers and I chew them up and I mash them up with Jesus' blood-wine and I spit them out! Ha ha ha! I am crazed with power!

I now call upon the demon AZRAEL to make his presence known in this blog! Oh, blessed Azrael, teacher of makeup techniques to pre-flood earthlings, do your bidding to all who condone God's outrageous actions. Ensure that you cause Maureen to waste some more time praying and burning incense and not spreading her evil christian graffiti all over my blog!

Hellbound Alleee said...

Thus, dealing with crazies makes one crazy.

Bliggety Blast Circle said...

Late to the dance here, but I wanted to comment quickly on this whole "conversation" and how I ended up here. I got here through Normal Bob and his MySpace account. I am usually on the lookout for fellow athiests. I'll look around the blog, Alleee, I hope no one takes it as an intrusion. As far as Maureen goes, she is an example of the scariest Moonie-esque indoctrination. Sometimes, I am very happy to live in Canada where that type of insanity is on a much smaller scale by comparison.

Hellbound Alleee said...

Thanks, Europe-bound. Make sure you check out the hellbound alleee station! DOn't forget--Normal Bob on the 24th!

Rev. Barky said...

Hey, you know this reminds of back in the day when you would be listening to some crappy wann-be disco tune that your teeny-bopper sister bought and never put back in the jacket and it would skip and skip and skip - repeating the same warmed over boogie-oogie garbage and it plays over and over in your head till you want to scream - that's REAL disco! Praise vinyl! Monkeys are on your back, but they don't fly out of MY ass.