Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Gene Gene the Time Cube Machine

a four-corner face in a one-corner headAnother mix by Francois: Gene Gene the Time Cube Machine!

Gene Ray is the discoverer of Time Cube: the greatest discovery of mankind: there's nothiing you can't find through Time Cube.

You are all Educated Stupid and Evil.


Aaron Kinney said...

this will be another one that I will check out as soon as I get home.

LBBP said...

All I can say is WOW!

Back in high school there was this guy that used to carry around a huge pile of crumpled paper. Every surface of every piece of paper had incoherent scribbling on it. He would spend every spare moment of every class adding gibberish to these already completely filled pages, all the while mumbling to himself. In short he was an absolute loon.

I think he might have been one of Gene's disciples. He was almost sane in comparison.

Mark said...

I met a guy like this in a mental institution, (I was visiting someone). He would walk around mumbling about his "Holy mission from God to infiltrate the mental health industry and...." I never understood the rest. The only people that woult talk to him was the hospital staff; he creeped out the patients

breakerslion said...

"Opposite sex cubes equate to a crap-shoot."

Gotta love it. Elbow macaroni garlic centipede. ... Sorry about that, my brain has been damaged by his material. I can't decide if that web site is the result of running a trichlorethelene degreasing tank and breathing the fumes for decades, or just a simple refusal to take his meds.

One question remains, but I certainly wouldn't get him started by asking it: If we are all too STOOPID to understand, why is he annoying us by trying to communicate?