Saturday, December 10, 2005

hair, eh? Eh?

I don't get my hair done more than about once a year, as I am a lazy ass. But here I am on our street in Anjou.

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> It's like Streisand in "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever."


Aaron Kinney said...

Hooray! A pic of Alleee! The hair is cool. And I love the snow. Merry Christmas :)

Rev. Barky said...

And here I thought you were bright red with horns, boils, fangs and a pointy tail! Thou hath been reveal'd!
I would get a hair cut too, but then I would have to remove my Monkey-Mitre.

Nielsio said...


breakerslion said...

Nice! That style seems to come into vogue every 40 years. I have a pic. of my Great Aunt in the 20's, and another of my sister in the 60's wearing a similar coif. It looked good on them, too.