Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More Cartoon Thoughts: Cultural Slavery

"You can't print something that offends a whole nation." That is not true. "Nations" cannot get offended. They do not exist--the word is a description of a group of individuals that are subject to the laws of a government through no fault of their own. As individuals, we have a choice how to respond to stuff that offends us. We should not let ourselves respond dishonestly or unnaturally because of a tribe we belong to (by choice or by force). We should not think "what would my group think?" when making moral choices. That would not be a choice--that is slavery.

I noticed that the UN, Bill Clinton and several other high-ups have made appeasing--and dishonest--statements in this enslaved sort of way. "We share your outrage over these offensive images," etc. "We." Officially, this group pretends to think this in order to aid a system of oppression, when the truth, that the images are not offensive at all , must be stifled. The cartoons are clearly making the only moral statements in this whole fiasco.

If this cartoonist is killed or injured, the governments that lied to appease terrorists will be complicit, and the people of their nations will be poorer for it.

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