Monday, February 06, 2006

Question For Believers: Noah's Ark

Dear Believers:

What was the use of the worldwide flood, if it happened, or if it's a metaphorical lesson? How did it all work out for God?

Second Part: How does its outcome bode for the Apocalypse and New Jerusalem?


Aaron Kinney said...

The flood never happened, although most Christians think it did literally, not metaphorically. To Christians, its a warning against not doing what God tells you to do. For atheists, its a message that the Christian God, if he eixsts, hates his own creation and obviously has alot of shabby work being produced. Cant He do anything right?

Hellbound Alleee said...

I don`t know if I was too clear, or if this is something believers can answer:

1. Why did God flood the earth?
2. Did God achieve His desired results?
3 If He didn't, how is the second clean sweep of the world's evils going to have the desired result?

breakerslion said...

This translation of an ancient Cuneoform tablet found in Mesopotamia might shed a clue:

Wash in cold water only. No bleach. Hang in firmament to dry.