Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hellbound Alleee Show 130: Thanksgiving and Morality

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This week, Franc and I discuss the secular nature of the Thanksgiving holiday, the non-mystical nature of the origins of morality, and the special-pleading nature of statists.


Edit: Sorry if you had problems downloading. It should be fixed now.


HW said...

After download, it said the format was bad and wouldn't play ??

Sean Carter said...

Hey check out my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and find out some cool info and facts on Thanksgiving....visit soon and have a great time this Thanksgiving!!!!

Blueberry said...

I thought over the whole "thanksgiving" thing and thought why not just thank the people who provided the stuff we're thankful for? Maybe the person who cooked dinner or washed the dishes? In my Thanksgiving post I thanked my spouse, people I do business with, people whose music I like, etc.

Thankfulness is a good clean feeling. No need to add superstition or put rosy glasses on history.