Thursday, March 08, 2007

"In The Name of Godlessness?" WTF Does THAT Mean?

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Here's another post in a series of Anti-"Atheist Movement" posts. Let the negative comments roll, and welcome to the market anarchists, whoever you are!

Some of you may have read on My Space, or the Rational response squad, a promotion to "do good in the name of godlessness." I suppose it's a sort of political move to show the world that atheists are good people.


You can't show that (all) "atheists are good people." The term "atheists" is a description, like "forest." What is a forest but a group of trees? Can you really claim that every tree in the forest is good, or healthy? Can you claim that every Christian is bad? Would you ever want to?

What does this mean, "in the name of atheism?" You either believe in gods or you don't. Atheism means what it means: godlessness. Why try and confuse the stupid more by creating another political lie? A lie no better than "atheism means being a terrible person."

Of course, by all means, doing good is a wonderful thing. But try to remember: don't "do good" in the name of something. That's like, well, Jesus "dying for our sins." It just isn't possible. Why would you want to endorse false premises like that?

When you "do good," you benefit yourself, in that you are fulfilling YOUR VALUES. Values like, helping society. One thing you can do to help your society is to refuse to promote false premises like doing good in the name of something. Fuck politics. Promote truth.


Vince said...


I hadn't heard of "in the name of godlessness" before I read your post. You're right, It's bullshit. I doubt it would become wide spread, as far as I'm concerned, it's pointless, and self-congratulatory. (sounds almost religious, doesn't it?) Non-believing works best in simplicity, in my opinion. Why complicate it like this?


breakerslion said...

By the power of Grayskull! I do believe she's got it! ;-)

Aaron Kinney said...

I do good in the name of ME! :)

Somar Lareneg said...

Can I get an Amen? AMEN!

Seriously - replacing one collective stereotype with another is doing none of us atheists any real justice. Let us be judged on our individual merits rather than on a collective label tossed onto us.