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Market Anarchist Carnivale

Welcome to the May 29, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Market Anarchy. I'm really proud to host it here on my blog, which is, after all, Market Anarchist, but not so much a Market Anarchist blog. I hope my regulars can get something out of this, but if you've come here just for the carnival, I hope you take some time and browse the other entries here. I mostly post my podcast, Mondo Diablo, which is full of strange and wonderful music, and sometimes, topics of interest to atheists and/or market anarchists alike.

I received several relevant posts, but if you don't see your blog here, sorry. I got a lot of submissions from folks who wanted to post about Marketing, or something about The Market, but not anarchy. I'd hoped people would look more closely at the carnivals to which they submitted. I'm not sure how much a real-estate marketer really wants his blog posted here. But if they do want to talk about anarchy, they would be more than welcome to submit another post.

Some of the posts were simply too pro-state to fit into an anarchist blog carnival. I don't mean they weren't "good posts", they just weren't anarchistic.

On to the carnivale!

Danny Simkin presents Anarchy, autonomy, whatever posted at Samson Blinded. Forget for a moment that he calls "Judea" a "state."This is something that people forget when talking about or imagining anarchy. You have to accept that people want to create communities, and gather like-minded people around them. In a market anarchy, this is what we want. There are groups of people who want to do their own thing, and be left alone:

"That’s all we ask for: leave us alone. Continue with your socialist state, if you like, just let us live as we wish. To work our orchards, educate our children, enjoy our communities. We don’t even want to vote: elect olmerts for yourself. We accept any jurisdiction: abandon our townships to Palestinians and we will live as dhimmi under Abu Mazen. Big leftist Israel or Great Islamic Palestine, makes no difference to us.

Leave us alone."

The Whited Sepulchre presents All I Need To Know, I Learned At Auctions Part 1 posted at The Whited Sepulchre. It's true. The State creates artificial worth for things through taxation, wheeling-and-dealing, etc. based on its own interest. But given the chance, people agree on what something is worth without help from Brother:

"Auctions are the best example of Market Anarchy that anyone has ever devised. Things sell for what they're worth. What are they worth? Whatever people will give for them."

Adam Pieniazek declares that the War on Terror Ends! at Adam Pieniazek.

Stop being terrified, and end it, because

"The question is of extreme relevance as the war on terror is all about you...A war on terror is in essence a war of one against a feeling."

David Gross offers 22 ways to resist paying protection money from the American mob, in 22 Methods of Tax Resistance Solidarity posted at The Picket Line.

A while back, I started looking for examples of ways tax resisters have
organized mutual aid pacts to help diffuse the effects of government
retaliation. In the course of doing the research, though, I started
collecting examples instead of a larger variety collective projects resisters
and their sympathizers have used in support of tax resistance.

Michael Snyder wrote a post about the bizarre voluntary extinction movement at Radical Depopulation Of The Earth - The Solution To Mankind's Problems? posted at Shattered Paradigm.

Problem: Gas costs too much and we are faced with "global warming".

Answer: Get rid of a whole bunch of people and we will use less gas and we will produce less "greenhouse gases".


Francois Tremblay
, the husband, has two posts this week.

The first highlights the crap that actually comes out of people's mouths, at Are taxes voluntary? Harry Reid says yes!

"Harry Reid: ... Our system of government is a voluntary tax system."

The second reminds us what really makes the world go 'round. It turns out it is love, not money, after all:

"It is easy to underestimate this principle. I think people have this implicit idea that force runs the world, because it is so showy and flagrant in its application and results, but what they forget is that behind the violence is action, and behind the action is beliefs. People kill and hurt each other for a reason."

It's about morality, stupid. posted at Check yer Premises.

David_Z slays the argument that immigrants don't pull their weight at Exploitation: Immigrants and Slaves posted at third solution.

"If slavery persisted to-day, some would argue that freed slaves would consume far more in government programs than they would pay in taxes. But the freed slave, or the immigrant’s comparative poverty and misfortune is the result of the system which has been holding them back; it is not caused by a desire to “cheat” the rest of us!"

NotYourDaddy points out that oil companies are no more evil than any other coprporation--including the government, at Evil Oil Companies? posted at Government is not your Daddy.

"Oil companies are evil. We all know that. They make billions of dollars a year. How could anyone make billions of dollars a year and not be evil?"

His second post,
Obamanomics, takes a hard look at Saint Obama's economic plan:

"We’ve heard a lot about Hope and Change from Senator Obama, but his actual positions on the issues have so far struck me as vague. So I decided to visit his Web site and see if I can figure out where he actually stands on some issues. Naturally, the first issue that drew my attention was the Economy."

John Petrie reminds us that while you might think that California just had a victory for gay rights, it's just another way the state can be involved in our sex lives, at They graciously hand down our rights posted at

"The California Supreme Court's ruling in favor of gay marriage should be celebrated only to the extent that we should celebrate when any law is repealed or declared unconstitutional, and, hopefully, to the extent that it makes people realize the State shouldn't be involved in marriage at all."

Mike Gogulski writes am amusing/scary post about indoctrination of children through school propaganda, at Turning central bankers into flying ponies | posted at

In an apparent effort to squelch any remaining euroskepticism among the warier segments of the Slovak population, the National Bank of Slovakia and Bratislava’s regional school authority have teamed up to create a cute little contest for kids entitled “Euro mena očami detí” (”The euro currency in the eyes of children”).

Finally, we have Wenchypoo's posts (I have to be sexist and point out female posts. We don't get many.)

Wenchypoo has two posts. The first is More on the Oil Front: Subsidization By Country

Gas prices are changing the way people live, now, as I publish this carnival. People are freaking out, there are SUVs all up and down the street where I live, with "For Sale" signs on them (for MUCH too much, I might add), and they're saying fucked up and stupid things on local tv news spots ("I just close my eyes and pump," heard on a Seattle station on May 27th). Why won't the government do something, they cry.

Well, why dya s'pose the prices are so high in the first place? Because we're actually paying for oil?

"Something else to factor into the high price of oil: government subsidization. Much like Big Pharma and high drug prices being borne by individuals in THIS country (as well as others, but not many), oil is going through pretty much the same thing--more affluent countries paying more per citizen, while smaller, less affluent countries paying less because they're being subsidized by governments.

Like Big Pharma and the "we-pay-for-research-and-development" scam here in the U.S., we're also paying for the "research and development" of oil resources too through UNSUBSIDIZED oil and gas purchases."

Wenchypoo's second post points out that taxing the rich is no solution to our problems, since we all pay about the same, at
Taxing the Rich? Hell, You Can't Even SOAK 'Em! posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

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