Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Episode 153 is The Psychedelic Christian: Pastor John Rydgren

Heavenly Grooves Blog


John Rydgren * Music to Watch Girls By
Unknown Artist * Hot Summer Nights
John Rydgren * 23rd Psalm
Helmut Zacharias * Brown Eyed Woman
The Cowboy Church Sunday School * Little Black Sheep
John Rydgren * Rinky DInk
Medley 1
Tammy Faye Bakker * The Devil's After Me
John Rydgren * An Offering in Music
Hugo Montenegro * Superstition
Unknown Artist * Oh! Lord!
John Rydgren * Disadvantage in Life
Indian Love Call
Eilert Pilarm * Take My Hand, Precious Lord
John Rydgren * Hippy Version of Creation
Dick Hyman * Tea for Two
Mitchell's Christian Singers * Dem Bones
John Rydgren * Search it Out
Dick Schory * Moonlight Reflection
African Maid
John Rydgren * Plea of a Lonely Girl
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Unknown said...

is this downloadable or just listenable? looks great!



Hellbound Alleee said...

Go ahead and right-click the link for download. ;)