Monday, November 24, 2008

Episode 166: You Don't Know Squat About Thanksgiving, But I Do.


1 Pilkington on Thanksgiving
Alleee 1
Wayne Newton * Danke Schoen
2 The European Origins of Thanksgiving
Thanks for the Memories
Alanis Morrisette * Thank You
3 Thanksgiving History vs Myth
Barney * Please and Thank You
Dido * Thank You
4 Understanding the First Thanksgiving
Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra * Thanks a Million
ABBA * Thank You for the Music
5 Thanksgiving History of Harsh Times for Settlers
Sly and the Family Stone * Thank you Falettme Be Mice Elf
The Beagles * Thanks to the Man in the Moon
6 The Role of Native Americans in Thanksgiving
Iving Aaronson and his Commanders * Let's Be Thankful
Amy Diamond * Thank You
7 Revolutionary Era Thanksgiving History
The Kinks * Thank You for the Days
Louis Armstrong * Thankful
8 Irregular Gatherings at Historical Thanksgivings
Bob Marley (Comedian) * Thanksgiving at Marley's
Adams Family Values Thanksgiving Pageant
9 Lincoln Proclaims National Thanksgiving
Alton Brown * Potatoes, My Sweet
William S Burroughs Thanksgiving Prayer
When did Turkey Become a Tradition?
Alleee 2


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