Thursday, March 05, 2009

Brains of Believers and Non-Believers as different as brains of gay men and straight men


"We found that religious people or even people who simply believe in the existence of God show significantly less brain activity in relation to their own errors. They're much less anxious and feel less stressed when they have made an error.""

And there it is, friends. The reason you cannot point out logical fallacies to a believer. The more you do, the better they feel about their position, and the more locked in they become. Wanna see? Check out my You Tube video for The Noah's Ark Horror, and see the comments.

And perhaps that is why believers see Science as a dogma lead by Scientists. With their way of thinking, changes in Scientific knowledge are simply belief-errors of people in a rival cult. Change your mind? Why, whatever for, if we're talking belief? God is what he is, right? Ah, SOMA!

Another thought: here's a great way to stress out an atheist. If you want to freak him out, point out a logical error. Whether or not he tries to rationalize, he's feel like crap about it.

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