Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mondo Diablo Episode 210: A Kool Kristian Kids Koncert

This week I have an old favorite from the 365 Days Project: Know When to Say No and It's Cool in the Furnace by Beryl Red and Grace Hawthorne.


It's Cool 1
Alleee 1
Enoch Light * The Look of Love
Zeb Turner * Big Fat Papa
It's Cool 2
Kyle Jarrow * L. Ron Hubbard
Sons of the Pioneers * The Devil's Great-Grandson
It's Cool 3
Frank McDonald and Chris Rae * Robot Dancer
Os Mutantes * Preciso Urgentemente Encontrar
It's Cool 4
Bonnie Graham * Tiny, Tiny Heart
Chris Wind * Always Carefree
It's Cool 5
Kellie Greene * Swan Lake
Rappin' With Gas!
It's Cool 6
Three Guys from Hollywood * Frozen Embryos
Kimbo Educational * Bean Bag Kickline
It's Cool 7
Leland Standford Junior University Marching Band * Roundabout '77
Flavia and the Motonettes * Mariposa
It's Cool 8
√Čvariste * Connais-tu L'animal qui Inventa le Calcul Int√©gral
Mary-Ann Lewis * I Won't Cry
It's Cool 9
Jeff Wayne * 2001
Phil Harris * Goofus
It's Cool 10
Alleee 2


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