Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to encode an LP into mp3, the old-fashioned, Hellbound Alleee way

1. Check album on internet, to see if it's on a sharity. (If it is, download it and compare to quality of your own record.) If not, check for a good jpeg of the cover and artwork. Double check to see if it's still available on cd (in case you're thinking of sharing it).

2. Hook up old mp3 player to amplifier, go to "line-in recorder" and record one side of lp.

3. Wait until device saves side and plug it back into the computer.

4. Cut and paste into desired folder.

5. Convert wma file to mp3

6. Open file on Audacity program.

7. Amplify file.

8. Find some plain noise, get "noise profile," and remove noise.

9. Find the end of the first track and cut it out of the first Audacity window into a new one.

10. Zooming in and out, isolate large pops and cracks, and remove them.

11. Save file, and Appropriately tag the track and album, with as much information as possible.

12. Go through and do the rest of the tracks.

13. Repeat with the second side of the album.

14. Put these tracks into a folder, and archive it in a zip for sharing.

15. Upload to an online storage site of your choice.

16. Publish on blog or message boards at will.

17. Go outside and rub your eyes.

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